Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Buying a Domain for SEO

Purchasing a domain name for your business website is very important. Your domain name can play a big part in your advertising and marketing strategy. Here are a few things to keep in mind or use as a guideline when choosing an effective domain name.

  1. Pick a domain that is relevant to your business, location and the business name.
  2. Find an available domain that includes key words relevant to your business.
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Here's a quick summary of what these 2 item guidelines mean.
     For example if your business is a cleaning service. You will want a business domain name that includes the word cleaning, clean etc. example would be jimscleaningservice.com.
Now if you are located in Dallas,TX you might want to get a domain name such as dallascleaningcompany.com or dallascleaning.com. The keywords "cleaning" and "Dallas" are one of many tricks to triggering search engines to bring your website closer to the top. This is one of many search engine optimization tricks that need to be implemented together to help your business create business organically. To find out a number of helpful SEO tricks, speak with a Website Designer and SEO specialist.