Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a term used when a business is creating a marketing strategy in order to get a website to rank high in search engines and drive more traffic to your website. Developers and website designers work daily to come up with new strategies to increase SEO rankings for websites. Here is an explanation of how a good SEO strategy can help your business.

Imagine you are looking for a website designer. Most people use Google in order to find local businesses. So the first thing a person is going to do is search or Google the business followed by the location. In this case Website Designer Sioux Falls  would be the search. Google will then give you a list of matching website design businesses in Sioux Falls. To determine who gets the TOP listing, Google has an algorithm that determines which business best fits the key words searched for and which website is structured the best. Google is looking to give the best experience possible to the user. They want you to find exactly what you are looking for as quickly as possible. If your website is search engine optimized properly or structured properly Google will give you bonus points and a higher listing which in return brings you, the small business owner, more business. When looking for a company to help with your website SEO. It's important to ask the right questions. Find out if they are using a pay per click strategy or an actual organic strategy. You are looking for an organic strategy. Pay per click means you pay a fee every month, then once your fee is up, you will not generate the customers. Organically means your website will naturally increase in search key words and stay high in rankings long after the fee is payed. For more information on how to implement SEO to your website,  please check back. I will be sharing a number of key strategies to successful SEO.